Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Meet Runner Unleashed!

Everybody has a story.  Each story is touching, inspiring, motivating in its own way.  Sometimes, stories are told, heard and retold at a time when we can relate to the most.  At times, you may hear a story and give it a passing thought and other times the story grabs you. It holds you and forces your wheels to start turning and your heart to feel.  I LOVE reading running stories, or stories about overcoming an obstacle.  They all always leave me feeling captivated and emotional however, today's story left me with a feeling of extreme awe.  It was because of this story, that I sat down one summer night with nothing but the crickets chirping and a cool breeze blowing and put my story into words.  My story has now been retold a few times through out the Facebook running page community.  It has been featured on Movin' It with Michelle Running, Recipes and Real Life Adventures  and put into the shit sorter files on No More Mr. Fat Guy  but the reason it was even written in the first place was because I found Runner Unleashed.  She has a Facebook page and a blog that are completely awesome, motivating, inspiring and helpful.  Please read her story and then head over and give some love and check out her stuff you will not be sorry!!!

Please meet Gelcys:

I’ve been a runner my whole life, but unfortunately I was diagnosed with Scoliosis, which to those who don’t know its a curvature of the spine. I was 14 years old when Doctors found it and I was told I need corrective surgery immediately. I must say for a 14 year old who has never gotten a scratch this was very intimidating. Worst part was, I was told I could never run again. After spending 14 hours in the operation room it was all over, SUCCESS! My back was corrected now on my way to a long recovery.
Six months in, getting picked up from school, we got rear ended in a car accident, and requiring emergency surgery due to one of the metal rods put in my spine had came out! Eww yes it hurt…and BAD. Physical therapy for months, another 2 more surgeries and years later I was doing better. Final outcome, I still have severe Scoliosis, had the rods taken out of my back, and have a higher hip on my left and my leg is shorter by 1 inch.
my Scoliosis scar and my left side curvature
my Scoliosis scar and my left side curvature
Now out of college working hard, I meet my husband, RC. Who crazy enough I knew from high school. We didn’t get along, as he sat behind me in class and always picked on me. We graduated and went our separate ways, he went to the Army and I went to College. We ran into each other by chance, and here we are, 7 years later with a 4 year old terror. We decided to move to Central Florida for a change from the south Florida lifestyle, we couldn’t be happier. They are my world and would be lost without them.
RC and I have always been active, but I always had a problem running after all my surgeries. We then started running, but 200 meters in, I would end up walking and was miles behind him. After several attempts and Doctors appointments they told me I can’t run because my left lung doesn’t have a lot of room due to my spine curving into it, among other physical issues. It broke my heart. After moving to Orlando, I was able to do more outdoor activities. I would walk with my son to the park so he can play.
I always saw several people running, training, staying fit. It motivated me to go after what I really wanted to do in life. I told my husband.  ”I wanted to run!!” so he said “I’ll train you.” I got a little nervous since he was the fastest and the squad leader in his running team in the Army.  Little did I know that was going to help me in the end. I started running, from meters to miles, slow and steady. I ended up with some chronic pain that I can’t do anything about because it stems from my Scoliosis. When I see a doctor they tell me I can’t handle running so I shouldn’t try.
I suffer daily from back pain, worse on some days than others, shin splints are common due to my shorter leg, and the hip flexor, I must say gets very irritated. Aside from all the issues I have from running. I learned to never give up and go after my goals. I sometimes have to push myself through the pain, let’s not forget the common runner injuries, because yes, I also have been blessed with those too. But you know what?? I’m a fighter, I learned to push through barriers and walls to make my dreams a reality!!! And now…here I am today…A MARATHONER!!!! I am doing what I never thought I could, so never give up on something you believe in, because if I can do it, ANYONE can!
grun collage
I ran my first HALF MARATHON this past January! YAY!!! I have ran 5Ks, 10Ks, 10 Mile races and a half marathon. It is a MAJOR accomplishment and Doctors can’t believe what I have done! My family and friends know me as the one who fights the biggest battles with a large dose of determination and it also has helped to have the support and motivation of my military husband and everyone in my life . So please stop by, share your story and stick around for a great running adventure! I love reading about stories of hard work and success and cant wait to read yours!