Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A GiVeAwAy!!!!! Dream Big and GO for It!

Here I sit.  A few weeks after my marathon.  A few weeks after I actually toed the start line.  A few weeks after all the hard work, training and dreaming came to a conclusion, I AM A MARATHONER.  

Never in a million years have I ever thought I would say that.  I never thought that I was runner enough to achieve that goal but I had dreams and I had support and because of those dreams and support I was able to go for it! And go for it I did, I now have the amazing mermaid medal to prove it :)

Which is why as a mom and a runner, a supporter of healthy living I am beyond excited to have come across Go! Go! Sports Girls.  As a mom I want to instill healthy living and activity into my kids.  I want them to make choices and have fun while getting active and choosing healthy snacks. You can even find tips on how to get your kids involved in sports on the website here) While I live that example to the best I can to show them what it is like I am so thrilled that there are companies out there in society and the media that are promoting the same values that I am trying to.  It is like the founder of these amazing dolls, Jodi Norgaard, got down to the core of what I am trying to teach.  She has coached "Girls on the Run", a program which encourages girls to make healthy choices in life through running, for many years.  It was while working with these girls that Jodi had an idea. 

"I realized there was a need for a positive doll for girls that would be age appropriate, proportioned properly and send a positive message about a healthy lifestyle - physically, mentally and emotionally - through sports." -Jodi 

YES EXACTLY THAT Jodi!!!!! I am excited that this message is starting to make waves into our littles lives. "The whole point of the business is to send the message to girls to dream big and go for it." says Jodi. 
This right there is EXACTLY the type of message that I dream of for my daughters to embrace, hold on to and pass on.  I want her to dream her dreams and then go for it.  Even when in a million years she never thinks it will be possible.
Back in March I reached out to Jodi and the Go! Go! Sports Girl company to ask for a donation to our Daddy Daughter Dance raffle.  I was in charge and I wanted to put something together for the girls that embraced being active.  Jodi did me one better.  She sent a doll in for the raffle AND she sent me one to GIVEAWAY!!!!! 

Yes I have a doll, Ella the running doll to be exact to give to one lucky blog reader!!! Just leave a comment telling me how YOU Dream Big and GO For It!!!! 

By the way, how perfect is it that Ella is the name of the running doll?  My oldest is named Ella and I love that the runner here is also an Ella!!!! Now to just convince Jodi that she needs a doll named Lucille/Lulu/Lucy...... Maybe an extra bonus entry if you write in that suggestion ;) 


  1. LOVE THIS! I am a huge dreamer - my motto is "WHY NOT?" and I use my running tales to inspire my class of kindergarten kiddos!

  2. Love, love, love! I need to get an Ella for Kate <3

  3. I dream big by consistently setting new goals and doing my best to achieve them. I try teach my children to take care of themselves in a healthy way and never compare themselves to others. I teach them to chase their dreams by chasing mine!

  4. I'm dreaming for Boston baby and I will NOT stop til I get there!! Would love to give this to my neice!

  5. Love this!! As a mom with 2 girls, I am all about girl power! I'm dreaming of a group fitness certification.

  6. I dream big by setting big goals and motivating myself to achieve them through the knowledge that I'm setting a positive example for my girls!

  7. I dream big by believing big! One must Always Believe They Can. I just ran my 4th Half and never would I have ever thought I would do that. Maybe a marathon for me when my boys get a Little older. I am thinking 40 might be good ;) (I am 37)