Monday, November 4, 2013

It's the little things

Tonight's thanks goes out to my baby girl.  My little mini who is about to turn 5! *GASP* I am about to be mom to a 5 year old?  Although, tonight as we stole away from the boys (who are always super stinky) and headed out to a dinner date it was hard to believe I was sitting with a 5 year old and not a 15 year old.  That child is so so SO mature for her age and the wisdom that comes out of her mouth often times has ME stopping and reflecting and changing the way I was thinking.  

As we filled up on some vegetarian Mexican food and talked running, yes we talked running and made some more in the near future dates that includes running the neighborhood each pushing our babies, I just couldn't help but feel the overwhelming joy of being her mom.  I am forever grateful for God for putting this special soul in our lives.  

So thank YOU my little Peanut Butter Bean Pie Princess Baby Girl (you used to make me call you this, back in the sass of your 2 year old self).  Thank you for being YOU.  Thank you for laughing, for caring, for investigating.  Thank you for making me see the world differently.  Thank you for being there when mommy just needs someone special to talk to, listen to and love on.  I will always ALWAYS love you to the moon and back and more than my running shoes :) 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Saving Grace

There is no doubt about it.  One of my FAVORITE things I have ever gotten out of my Facebook page is the advice on a sports bra.  A bit back I post a waaaaay tmi post asking about sports bras and the support (hardy har har!!!!) was unbelievable.

I have always been a larger chested runner, in fact even after losing 103 pounds I was STILL using 3, yes THREE, bras to run in.  I was getting so hot and so tired of layering up as the weather was getting warmer and warmer that I sucked up my embarrassment and posted for all to see.  And the clear winner was a sports bra by Moving Comfort.  And OH. MY. WORD!!!! That bra is AMAZING.  I now only need ONE yes ONE ONE ONE bra to run in and it is oh so freeing!!!

So thank you to Moving Comfort for making such an awesome product!!! You most certainly know what some runners need :0)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

BOB is the MAN!

Oh how I could go on and on and ON about things I am thankful for.  I am really extremely blessed with lots of beautiful gifts, love, life, health, family.  But today's post goes to BOB.

Yep, BOB.  Oh how I LOVE BOB.  I would seriously marry him if I didn't already have my soul mate tied down and well he was a human and not a stroller ;)

I seriously, am so thankful that I have a BOB Duallie (I would SO LOVE LOVE LOVE to do a review for this company!!!!), I bought him used off a Facebook yard sale site a few years back.  I think he is circa 2003 or something like that, but oh my gosh is that stroller still AWESOME!!!!

It allows me to take my loves out to do what I love doing.  My little family runs are the best kind.  We sing, we talk and we nature hunt for all sorts of fun things; pumpkins, red leaves, chipmunks, horses, this list goes on.  I get to do these fun mommy things WHILE I am running.  Its really a double bonus, winner winner chicken dinner!!!! The best part of it is that my little cheerleaders are cheering me the WHOLE way!  Nothing is better than those little voices telling Mommy she is awesome, and running so super fast!

So BOB thank you! Thank you for being there for me and carrying my precious cargo with ease as I push ever so slightly on the handle as I run down the road.  You, dear stroller, are AMAZING!

Friday, November 1, 2013

November Blessings

It's November!!!! Race season is coming to a close and the weather is turning cold and dreary.  The beauty of the fall has passed and everyone is getting ready to hunker down and enjoy some cozy and warm family time.  I have brought down my running layers and have started transitioning into my cold weather running.

November also brings Thanksgiving and tends to be the month where blessings are counted.  I have unfortunately been in a funk.  I hate being in funks, and my running is NOT helping.  I have been having bad run after bad run and it's getting me down.  So, I have decided to keep my chin up buttercup and use November to put things into perspective.  Each day in the month of November I will blog about something I am thankful for.  I have so many blessings in life, that this funk is not going to last long if I can pull them into the forefront and kick the bad attitude to the side!!!

Today I am thankful for the running community.  WOW, what an amazing group of people runners are.  Friends are made over the sole fact that you are runners.  Support is given whole heartily, inspiration, motivation and care is given without a second thought.  Last night, I let it be known over on Crazy Mama Runner's Facebook page that I was struggling and the comments of encouragement has just poured in.  I have made so many wonderful new friends that I hope to race with someday!!! All around the world I am now connected to this group of runners and it is AMAZING!!! I love reading about their PRs and goals, their training and struggles.  We are all there to hold each other up and help become who we are meant to be.  I truly TRULY am so thankful for this support group!

Happy Running!!!