Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Crazy Compression

To compress or not to compress that is the question.  If you are a runner who chooses to compress then finding the right kind of compression gear is a must. Recently, I totally lucked out and got to try a pair of compression sleeves by Crazy Compression.

Coming back to running, really coming back by pushing my limits again after the baby was born was hard.  My calves would burn and just want to quit not even a quarter mile in.  They would be tight and I just wanted to give up.  I started wearing the compression sleeves and I have to say that I have no idea WHY but my calves didn't scream so much.  I was able to go further and do hills again, RUN the hills again.  I just felt more stable out there and I am not even sure if that is going to make sense to you but its the truth, ha! 

The really, really, REALLY fun part of Crazy Compression?  The fun color and styles! It was so
much fun to browse all the bright and flashy colors.  

Bottom line?  The colors and styles are fun! The product adds great compression to fun prints.  And the absolutely best part?  Is that they are made in the USA!!! A great product and a great company.  A truly fantastic company that has the best costumer service and real people to interact with.  I was lucky enough to deal with Nate and he is amazing and oh so kind! 

If you are in the market for some snazzy compression then I strongly urge you to check out this really fun company.  Yes, I did receive a pair of sleeves to try, but no monetary compensation was given for my review.  In
fact, Nate was insistent that I put my family and new baby first before I gave the product a try and a review.  That alone earns my loyalty to this wonderful company, proving that they care about their costumers and about family.  

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Where have you been?

It's been awhile, in fact it feels like it has been forever.  I have been missing from here, but I have also been missing from me.

You see, I am about to come clean about a major personal part of my life.  I am about to make public a very ugly time and struggle.

I have been in a battle with Post Partum Depression.

It didn't hit right off but it hit hard once it did.  I had Sugar Plum and I was in love.  In love with her, in love with her older siblings and how they welcomed her whole heartidly and without any struggle, in love again with the love of my life.  Then little by little happiness disappeared.  I found myself just wishing for my bed.  My body was aching, I had no desire to run to do anything or even to get dressed.  My husband would come home and he would find me without showering, still in the clothes from yesterday and anxious to hand off the kids that I loved yet had no patience for, no desire to get down on their level and play and laugh and live carefree.

And in typical C fashion I handled it the way I always handle things.  I hide, I withdraw and I become totally introverted.  I stopped interacting with everyone, including my husband.  I was sullen and sad and totally feeling so lost and fighting to get energy and find me.  I couldn't run, I couldn't eat, I couldn't workout. I would find myself putting on exhausting acts of pretending to be me, then falling even deeper into dispair at night when the reality hit that I just wasn't happy.

I have had no desire to write, But I am finding that as this battle raged I am coming out ok.  I sought help and even accepted medication that unfortunately, made me beyond sick.  Now thanks to a great friend you may have heard of This Momma Runs, I am a part of this gratitude journaling group that is really helping me.  I am asking or trying to ask for help when things get overwhelming and I am running again.  Just short little runs but I am out there and it feels amazing.

I feel like I have been found and I have a new journey to discovery.  I have been down and out and at the bottom and I am about to rise again. Joy is returning and the little every day joys are again becoming front and center.

I have decided that I want to put more effort into my blog and write down more feelings.  They may not always be sunsine and roses and happy running but a goal I have is building my blog because I do enjoy connecting and reaching out to others.

Next up over here at Crazy Mama Runner?  Some product reviews that I have been holding on to.  I have been very lucky to get to try some amazing products and have some fun!

Have you ever been lost?  How did you find yourself? Anyone, have any review writing advice?