Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Top 10 Reach the Beach Lessons

Whenever yo`u push yourself outside your comfort zone things happen.  You break, you rise and you grow.  You also learn, you learn things about yourself that you never knew.  You learn that you can do things that are completley daunting.  You learn that you can overcome mental obstacles as well as extremem physical ones.  You learn that when you are broken down the most you are also at your strongest.  However, running a Ragnar you also learn a thing or two about relay running.  Here are 10 things I learned while running Reach the Beach.

Top Ten Ragnar Lessons:

1) Port-a-Potty lines are longer in the morning and the runner on deck line is the best thing EVER!

2) Poop talk will become so natural, you will forget that you are in a van of strangers.

3) A van can make 6 strangers banter like ole chums, and also hold the smell of bananas and sweat no matter how long you leave the doors all open.

4) Running in the middle of the night is scary, yet the line of bobbing headlamps and blinking red lights ahead of you is the most comforting site.  Making you feel like part of a whole other world of awesomeness.

5) Food, you never want what you packed yourself.  In fact, cheeseburges start becoming a foremost thought everytime you start running again.

6) Ziplock bags are the best invention ever.  Seriously, best invention ever.

7) For days after you will want to continue to tag vans, report kills and scream wildly out your window at runners.

8) Volunteers are the best thing in the world! Homemade soup in a cup at 11pm after running your second leg is gold and the ladies who are still serving it with a smile are saints!

9) Sleeping in a van isn't impossible. Yet, you don't even think twice about laying out in the median of a parking lot, feild of a school, or any bench you can find.

10) You will never feel so accomplished.  There will be a point out there that you can not take another step.  Your legs are lead and you are exhausted, but you keep going.  When you are done the impossile has turned into the been there ROCKED that. Beastmode ACTIVATED!

What would you add to the list of lessons learned?  


  1. Love this! So awesome that you had an amazing time. I just finished Ragnar DC and it was amazing despite running in a Nor'easter! And you are so right, Ziploc bags are definitely your best friend!