Monday, February 8, 2016

Running on the Mind of Lori H.

We all have a story, a beginning, a tipping point. A reason. That reason is everything.  It is weaved into your journey into your life story and becomes motivation, encouragement and fuel.  Just like how certain smells can trigger a vivid memory at any moment, your reason can appear and slap you in the face.  Some of us run to escape, as therapy, as weight loss and health benefits.  Some of us however, start with one reason and it turns into another.  

This week I am so happy to feature a piece written by one of my all time favorite running buddies. Our paths have crossed in and out over the years.  First when her oldest was a third grader and later after I joined a local woman's running club and she realized that the "Crazy Mama Runner" she had been following on Facebook was me and I was shocked to learn that the years had passed so fast and her tiny little 8 year old third grader is now a 16 year old high schooler who drives!!!! Over the last year Lori has helped me train for my marathon, running in the dead of a terrible winter 13 miles with me for the fun of it.  Making a special 3.3 mile birthday run this year complete with a surprise cupcake waiting for me at the end. And being there as I came back from having Sugar Plum and there as I head into running pregnant yet again.  It is a great honor to have Lori share over here her journey of becoming a runner! 

On the Mind of Lori: 


     I took one look at THAT photo, you know, the photo where you wonder who in the world looks so much like you but CAN’T POSSIBLY be YOU!  This photo bomber who looked so much like me had this marshmellowy belly pushing against the Kelly green t-shirt.  I was like what the hell is that!  Realizing this was me in all my glory, hanging onto those last pregnancy pounds four years later!  The photo was taken as we prepared to depart my husband’s family after a weekend visit to Cape Cod.  No visit is complete without the picture in front of the lovely hydrangea bush in the front yard.  That photo is THE PHOTO I zoomed in on, fretted about, silently screamed at myself for, left me speechless for the three hour ride home.  How in the world was I going to get rid of this?????

Lori and THAT PHOTO and an After shot!

 Think, think, think…… husband’s cousin had lost a lot of weight running telephone poles, a girl I worked with looked amazing since she had begun running six months before.  Surely if they could do it, I sure could!   There was only one teeny tiny problem…….I DON’T RUN!!  I can’t even run across the street!  So as the mini van arrived at our house, I had decided.  I WILL RUN!  We unpacked the van and once inside I geared up, sneakers, shorts, pony tail, check, check, check.  I made it to the local church and back running one or two poles, then walking one or two poles.  When I came home I was so happy!

     The next day at work a friend of mine told me about an app she had once used, called couch to 5K.  I couldn’t wait to get home and try it!  And so it went, I diligently plugged away, week one, two, three……week five, 10 minute run!  What!  You have GOT to be kidding me!  Run a whole 10 minutes!  At the risk of being discouraged, I contacted a friend who lived around the corner and her neighbor who had told me when I was ready they would run with me.  Abandoning my app, I set out with them.  They went nice and slow for me and I ended up doing a 2 ½ mile run!!

     About a week after that there was a 5K that I had signed up for as a walker.  Well, this walker ran the whole 5K without stopping in just over 42 minutes!  I was hooked!  Addicted to the definition I was beginning to notice in my legs as I ran!  Addicted to the clothes fitting better despite no change on the scale, I knoooooowwww!  Stupid scale!  But that didn’t slow me down.  I was addicted to the talking with my neighbors, that soon became my friends.  We chatted it up on every run.  I eventually met so many people through this hobby of mine, including one Crazy Mama Runner!!   I was also addicted to that feeling like I had the magic solution to feeling good about yourself! 

Lori and the Crazy Mama Runner ;) 

     One day, the following summer, I ran a local 5k and left shortly after it.  The next day at work, I was told congratulations on placing 2nd in my age division!  WHAT, ME, NO!  Oh yeah, they told me that I had earned a medal and a beer glass and my name got called!  As happy as I was, I was so sad that I had missed out on it!  Note to self:  always look at the column on the finishers time sheets as to which place you come in for your age group.  Another lesson along the way!  But after I posted my medal and mug photo on Facebook the next day, I received 2 messages from two acquaintances telling me how much I inspired them and asked me how I started and how they could!  There is no better compliment than that of inspiring someone else!  Yup, A-D-D-I-C-T-E-D!!!

    My 5k races turned into 10K, then into Five ½ Marathons!  I mean I never even wanted to want to run a MARATHON! No way, now how!  Never said never, but was pretty sure that I would never even desire to do one…….until I signed up for the Eastern States 20 Miler coming up this March.  If I’m training to run a 20 miler, I may as well go for it!  If I could find one that fit close enough to my 20 miler to use it as a training run, why not!  So my neighbor friend and I have signed up for the Sugarloaf Marathon in May!

Lori and her neighbor after their 16 mile training run! 


  1. This is wonderful! I loved hearing about how you've gotten to this point. I agree, running is addicting. Great job!

  2. I think she looks great in the "before" pic, too!!! Great story, and it's awesome inspiring people! xo