Friday, December 12, 2014

It's all about the BITS?

Energybits that is.

Recently, I was given a fantastic opportunity to try out EnergyBits.  I was sent a sample and afterseeing ALL over social media the #poweredbybits posts I was anxious and excited to give them a try!
They arrived in the mail and I got to work researching what I was going to be consuming.  

I was thrilled to learn about the tiny algae bits.  The super nutritiously dense super food.  No GMOs, no caffeine, no sugar, no soy or gluten, NO CHEMICALS!!!! Just pure plant based goodness all in one tiny little 1 calorie per bit package.

Excitedly I tore open the package and was ready to give it a try.  Except, here is where my balloon of excitement began to deflate a bit.  Why?  Because a serving was 30, yes THIRTY of these little bits.  The directions read to take 30 bits before heading out for a long run or whatnot. And it specifically warned against chewing.  As I fought to get all thirty swallowed, I immediately understood the reason you wouldn't want to chew them at all.  Even just swallowing them I could taste the algae taste on my tongue and it wasn't that tasty.

I will say that I did manage to get them all swallowed which is sort of a big deal for me.  I have gag reflex issues that makes even swallowing a gel cap Tylenol almost impossible some days.  I felt great all day, and I felt fantastic on my run.  I really loved that fact that I was putting an energy dense super food into my body.ok, I can learn to get these down easier, and it will just become routine.  So I looked into purchasing some of my own little bits.  After all, I was def #poweredbybits on the days I tried them.  This is where my balloon became sort of flat.  I could not believe the cost. At $3.50 a SERVING I sadly realized that this would not be an option on the budget of a stay at home mama.  As much as I KNOW that they are GOOD for me, I just can't justify the cost when I know that I can make other choices in our meal planning in order to incorporate super foods for the WHOLE family to get.
 And I was having a natural reaction to this natural plant based product.  I started thinking

Overall, if price is not a factor for you and swallowing is easy then I say whole heartily GO FOR IT.  This product truly is super and amazing.  One day once the kids are through college maybe I can have an Energybit fund of my own :)

Have your tried the bits?  What are your thoughts?  Any other fuel that YOU love?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

And the award goes to Stonyfield!!!!

In this house we eat.  We don't eat a certain way or follow a certain food plan.  We eat.  We eat local when we can, we eat organically for the dirty dozen and we try to eat clean but my kids also know what boxed Mac and Cheese tastes like.  Sometimes though, we become brand loyal and it sticks and there is never ever ever any going back.  This family happens to have developed a taste for Stonyfield yogurt (and milk!).

Awhile back, Stonyfield so graciously gave me some vouchers to try their New Organic Yogurt Pouches.  My kids love yogurt so of course I was happy to try.  Well, I ave created pouch MONSTERS.  Every day my almost 3 year old asks for a yogurt pouch.  In fact, I just shipped him
back to bed after I found him in the kitchen helping himself to a pouch.  He had come down hungry and wanted yogurt. (Darn! I should have snapped a picture of his cute little Jammie clad bum sticking out of the fridge while he was routing for the pouch!!!)

My almost 6 (she will be 6 on Saturday, time sure does fly!), asks for them for her school lunch.  It is an amazing product to pack in the lunch box! Easy and mess free and it has fruits AND vegetables (shhhh don't tell her she likes beets!).  And ever since my little NH Run Blogger Meet up back in September the whole entire family has been fighting over who gets the last of the Petite Cremes.  They are sooooo yummmy.  Smooth and rich and creamy.  I have definitely been cheating on Greek with them!

Want to know what makes it even better that the whole family enjoys such a healthy snack or lunch addition?  Well, first I am relieved that they are loving and grabbing something that is organic and made without the use of persistent pesticides and GMOs and second it is a LOCAL company for us! Right over the border in tax free NH (yes where I do all of my shopping) is the local farm that started
30 years ago as a non-profit organic farming school.  A company that was working for healthy food, healthy people and a healthy planet long before they even started making this delicious yogurt!

Seriously, give any of the products a whirl.  You may become a loyal Stonyfield buyer as well!

What do you think?  Have you tried Stonyfield?  Are you brand loyal to foods?