Sunday, May 11, 2014

You know you are a Crazy Mama Runner when...

We have seen all of the “you know you are a runner, when…” lists, ebibs, and blog posts floating around.  We scan the list and respond affirmatively; nod, yep, yep, oh yes, most definitely.  I LOVE these lists.  I sit there and read and feel a connection.  They allow me to remember,  I am one of a family, a community.  We are runners and while we run solo we are one.  We come together, we support, we lift up and we encourage.  

Lately, I am holding on to the title of runner by a small thread.  Mentally I am having a tough time allowing myself to still hold the
title I worked hard for.  Ever since a late night run in a blizzard back in January of 2012 I have allowed myself the amazing title of RUNNER.  However, being 32 weeks pregnant and having to change my entire running routine, race schedule and running mantras has me feeling a bit left out of the running circle.  

I know that running pregnant is not the most popular sport.  I mean why after all, would you really get the urge to grow a human AND head out for a 6 mile jaunt? While I do not have the answer to the why, I know I cannot be the ONLY crazy mama runner who has decided, that yes I do have the urge to do both.  So Mother Runners, this one is for you…

You know you are a Crazy Mama Runner when;

Your big 6 mile loop turns into ½ mile jaunts with your house at the center.  That way you are never more than ½ mile from the bathroom.  

You plan every single run around where you can go to the bathroom if needed.

You go to the bathroom 5 times BEFORE you leave and immediately need to go again the moment you start out. *Can you see the importance of bathroom locations is now central to your running plans?

(Finding one on a run is a pot of gold!!!!)

You adapt your current running clothes into maternity clothes, the compression pants are a little challenging to adapt but you have it figured out.

Compression socks become a daily accessory

You don’t need as many winter running layers, you are constantly warmer. On the flip side you wish you could run naked during the warmer seasons.  When did it get hot in Maine during March?

(Caught running in Maine in snow with shorts)

The hoots and hollers you may have gotten have turned into mouth dropping gasps.  Add in pushing a double stroller with your other two kids and you can cause mass chaos as people try to figure out why the heck you would be running, pushing and growing a human.  (This makes you feel extremely badass by the way!)

Your pace slows.  You may fight it but with the extra weight, always having to pee, need to be able to keep a conversation and utter exhaustion it’s hard to fight too hard to maintain the pace that’s your normal.

Your long run becomes increasingly shorter.  10 miles turns into 6, then you feel like an epic ultra-marathoner when you run a 5k.

(Epic run at 31 weeks pregnant; notice distance is loooonnngg and what happened to pace)

Speaking of 5ks, you now plan your race schedule around your due date.  Quickly figuring out the math.  Can I run a 5k 38 weeks pregnant? How far postpartum will I be for that race?  When can I pick up training again?  Oh 5 days after baby, yeah plenty of time ;)

You come home and immediately reward your run with an ice cream sundae.  After all baby needs those calories so you must replace them and then some, immediately. :)

(Ice cream also helps on days where you can’t get out and run yet everyone else is and you’re insanely pissed and grouchy!) 


  1. You are a total inspiration to me...I can't even imagine running while I was pregnant, it felt awful!! Keep up the good work my friend!

  2. You go girl! Running will also help you with delivery (it did with my first) and get back to pre-baby wright faster.

    1. Thanks! Yes when I left the hossy with @2 I only had 5 more pounds to lose to be at pre pregnancy weight! I am sort of hoping for the same this time ;)

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